Connecting People to Property

Our team at Blanic pride themselves on:

‘Connecting People to Property’.

With a vision for creating sustainable properties which embrace quality living and enhance the needs of families. With an eye for innovation in a tech savvy world, we ensure our homes are ready for the modern family.


A home is part of a community. Our designs are unique to reflect the lifestyle and vibe of the local area. Working together we can assist you in creating the ultimate home.

We are currently branching out into acquiring sites suitable for childcare centres. Experienced in property development and in the childcare industry. Our intention is to meet the needs of the community by providing quality childcare for all children.


Our Services

We connect people to property by...

Presitige Open Plan Outdoor Living
Joint Venture you can be a part of. Capitalise on your potential with Blanic
At Blanic we can Project Manage from site acquisition to construction, sales and completion of te development
Architectural designs using qualified professionals
Project Management

Our team works with professional specialists including Town Planning, Architects & Builders.

* Do you have a property and know there is development potential?

* Not sure how to go about it?

At Blanic we understand it can be a difficult process. With our knowledge and skills we can assist you in managing the development on your behalf. Take advantage of your properties potential and by pass the developer.


Joint Venture (JV) Partners:

Currently updating our JV list so when an opportunity presents itself we know to contact you first! Types of JV Partners are:


Equity Partner

Have equity sitting in your property earning nothing? Or in the bank earning minimal interest?

Perhaps it's time you talk to your Accountant to see how to utilise these funds.

If property development is an avenue you would like to take advantage of then contact us to discuss your options and how we could work together.



You may earn a really good income but have little or no money and lack the knowledge to do a development. This is where we can assist to getting you into a deal. Often opportunities present where 2 or 3 people come together to provide different assets to a development. It could be Equity, Serviceability or Project Management.

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Our Team

Modern state of th art technology to enhance home living
Leanne Young
Development Consultant
  • Business Developer – Blanic

  • Cert IV in Small Business Management

  • Approved Childcare Provider

  • PDS Member – Next Level

  • 18 years' experience building new homes and renovations

  • Manage investor strategies such as rooming accommodation & Chunk Deals

  • Project Management – from acquisition of sites, working with Professionals such as Town Planners & Architects to managing the building process and selling of property

  • Over 20 years experience in childcare care industry

  • Actively looking for JV Partners

Michael Young
Construction Manager


  • Carpenter for over 30 years

  • Business Manager for over 15 years in construction industry

  • Experience in Building new homes & renovations

  • PDS Member - Next Level

  • Oversee build process on all projects

Contact Us 

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Contact Details

Leanne Young

Development Consultant

(07) 3040 0371

Michael Young

Construction Manager

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Modern and sophisticated luxury living
Alexandra Hills

Under Construction:

New Duplex build

Retain and renovate existing house


Project Status: 


Due for completion July 2019

Concept - back of house.jpeg

Luxury Duplex/Town Houses

Acquiring sites across QLD

Looking for Equity Partner/s

Low risk & Quick Turn around


To enquire email me direct:

Architectural design and layout to maxise development potential
Site Acquisition 
Developments include: Town Houses, Land Subdivision & Childcare

Seeking Equity Partners to join us in Property Development opportunities across SE QLD 

Our acquisition team can work with you to find a development site that suits your budget. Contact Today!

Experinced renovations which give investors a range of strategies to ensure a profitable outcome
Experienced in House Renovations

Purchased in 2014   

4 Bed 2 Bath 2 Car


Sold 2017 

​5 Bed 3 Bath 3 Car

Income Positive Strategy:

Rooming Accommodation 

Advanced technology gives us the ability to monitor our property development sites from a distance. This Duplex is under construction
Under Construction

Brand New Duplex Pair

Our technology allows us to get a unique perspective on our developments as they happen.

Blanic consultants have experience in a variety of property development strategies. We are updating our Joint Venture Partner list NOW!

Email today: